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A Fresh Single Release from Thats Nokay

Thats Nokay returns with a drifting and dreamlike indie pop single that has a unique way of blending a sort of vintage set of tones and bringing them into a crisp and refreshing soundscape that feels almost ethereal at times but has this sort of swagger in its groove that really captures a certain kind of moment and in doing so also speaks volumes for the artists presence and persona which is all brightly displayed on this track.

"Continuous Vibes" does an amazing job of keeping you floating right alongside of everything that's happening and the deeper you listen to the track the more it builds with new instruments and keys that come in and by the end it's got an almost orchestral undertone which makes it a little bit cinematic, but it never loses that lofty feeling that it starts with.

There's something about this track that gives me a little bit of nostalgia for some reason and I'm not really sure why but the way the vocals are done is very cool because they are like an instrument themselves because they're double tracked, and their purpose is less lyrical and more melodic as they do this melody and hook over the rest of the music that brings everything full circle.

The vastness of this track is really what wraps itself around you because not only do you sort of get engulfed in this track, but you also get washed away with the whole sound of it by the end and, this is a short single but for some reason it feels a lot bigger and that's because of its catchiness and the hooks that are involved.

The song feels alive and breathing in its own way and along with it comes an accompanying music video that shows even more of the character that's given off from Thats Nokay himself.

The song is very chill, and the artist shows that physical chillness in the music video as he takes a walk through the woods and by the beach in a glittery jacket and just the whole attitude of it is so laid back that it becomes a little bit infectious.

One of the things I adore about this song is that it's a short one but within that short time span you're given these melodies that never leave your brain.

They just float around in there and bop back and forth until you play the song again so that you can sort of satiate that.

The progressions on this track are really amazing too because it gives it a little bit of depth and adds to that whole cinematic tonality I've mentioned earlier.

We're no strangers to this artist and this track is definitely a step and a little bit of a new direction that feels excellent but still comes with some of the staples that we want from him.

The whole flow of this song is like feeling the sways of the ocean beneath you on a calm and peaceful day.

It also feels really good and there's something about it that almost feels like it could have served as part of the soundtrack to a certain chapter in your own life and this is a beautiful thing to me.

As far as we know, this is one of the first singles off of an upcoming album release from Thats Nokay and this will hold me over for a little while, but I sure hope to hear another one soon.

Now, after you listen to this track you must go check out some of his previous releases because we've had the pleasure of reviewing a few and trust me, this is the kind of stuff that is released with fewer boundaries than the norm.

This is a sort of indie pop that has no walls built around it and doesn't follow any kind of cookie cutter style formula whatsoever.

This is the kind of pop music we need more of.

Take a swim through this track and remember where you heard it first.

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