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A Fresh Pop Perspective With Jakeb Daniel

A fresh release from Jakeb Daniel is a lush and full-bodied songwriting style accompanied by a wonderfully colorful array of instrumentation that all help the song breathe and sway, come to life and grow into a danceable and fun soiree of a single.

"Lord Have Mercy" has both a lot of heart and some real attention to detail in the production along with a certain passion that lies just beneath the surface which helps you really get attached to the song.

Daniel clearly has an absolute love for his craft and that's completely evident with every second that passes.

The horn sections really add a lot of wondrous textures to the song and bring this almost classic sort of funkiness to the track but it really comes off much more pop oriented.

And this whole track is really a pop oriented track so it works perfectly to just build up the production value and help the song really sway and flow.

Certain points you get the feeling of almost 80s radio pop in the vein of maybe Paul Simon for example.

He's got that vibrancy and that brightness that kind of draws you in and accompanied by those horns it really has a gravity to it.

This was very fun and danceable so the whole track is very easily infectious but also shows a little bit of a personal side as well so when the song is over you get the feeling like you sat and spoke with a friend for a bit.

This release definitely showcases the artist's ability to write really good hugs that end up bouncing around your brain for days after the song has ended.

The great thing about that is that the only way to satiate it is to play the song again which in turn of course is really smart songwriting.

This single was born for the airwaves and has a summer vibe to it that makes you want to get up and shake your ass around the living room.

It also has a way of making you feel positive. You feel great from listening to the song and it puts you in a good mood.

This is something you just don't get quite enough of anymore in music these days.

Show a little more character and personality and people will get more attached.

So in terms of that it definitely has a little bit of a refreshing vibe to it even though it also touches on a throwback sound half the time.

Jakeb Daniel is certainly someone I'd be looking out for in the coming months as hopefully those summer songwriting vibes continue into the season, and we get more to be excited about.

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