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A Fresh Classic Rock Single From Temalor

The latest single from Telamor brings out a pop undertoned classic rock soundscape that hits all the sweet spots and does so with an edgy honesty and endlessly danceable vibe.

"Back To Life" is something of a pop-rock Soiree that feels like something you'd hear on the radio in the late '70s or early '80s with an aesthetic that's perfectly nailed the entire time.

You get a memorable chorus along with this guitar tone that screams of the time. And because of this, it gives you this sense of nostalgia in a way which in turn makes the song very welcoming.

What I really love about this track, however, is its honesty in the lyrics because it actually has to do a little bit more with struggle and how we deal with it at times.

I think that taking a topic that comes from someplace genuine or real and spinning it into a song that's so pop oriented and so catchy is a very unique thing to pull off and I would assume would be pretty difficult but for Telamor, it feels like it's just second nature.

Another really cool thing about this track is the energy that it portrays because it almost gives the feel of a live performance in a way and that is an aspect that I miss and a lot of different kinds of rock music these days.

You can definitely feel those influences leaking through during the course of this track and how he was able to take them and spin it into something all his own.

I think we all like songs that have a message along with that catchy and fun tonality because it's a great mix and a lot of the time you get something that you can relate to but can also dance to or sing along with.

This is an absolutely perfect example of a brand of rock music that has a wonderful maturity in certain aspects of the songwriting while remaining youthful and its energy and premise.

Plus, being able to really hit that authentic classic rock feel is really impressive and you can tell there was a lot of attention to detail that went into creating this track however, it never loses that soul or heart that started it off.

The hook and chorus definitely hang around in your head for hours after the song has ended and you find yourself humming the melody when you least expect it, and the only way to really satiate something like that is to listen to the song again which to me, is just smart songwriting.

This is partially how you can tell that this comes from a seasoned musician and songwriter because someone that knows how to write a good hook and make a song that has a colorful edge to it enough so that it's radio-friendly while keeping things dynamically balanced takes practice and know-how.

This was a very addicting classic rock song that feels like you've been listening to it on the radio for years.

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