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A Fresh And Sonically Driving Single From Raging Sons

The latest single from Raging Sons brings out an anthemic and impactful alternative rock soundscape that is able to blend a cinematic undertone with an edgy and hard-hitting approach to create something that has its own sort of atmosphere and can actually serve as a form of escapism.

"Feel Love" has a certain intensity to it and that intensity is built from heart and that is also a major part of this track's drive because you can feel this emotion that the song was birthed from thriving throughout the entire thing.

You definitely get this personal and honest feeling from it which makes the song really authentic and genuine and that in itself makes it also feel like this came from some sort of real-life experience or at least feeling.

There's a wonderful vastness that this song contains, and it makes everything so freeing in a strange way but throughout its course, there is this little hint of a dark edge.

There are definitely some layers that can be peeled back throughout the song and to really pick up on its message listening to it more than once is the best way to go.

Again, this track has its own sort of atmosphere so it's like stepping into someone else's head or world for a little bit and stepping out of your own reality which is a wonderful thing because it's not something you get often these days with any genre really.

One of the things I really love about this song is how balanced it is dynamically between the guitar tone and the vocals and how the melodic singing approach during the chorus is so stretched out and almost haunting in a way.

Of course, that also has to do with the notes that he's singing but either way you get this kind of feeling where the hairs on your arms stand up for a moment.

This is clearly done by a group of musicians who absolutely have a love for their craft and pay a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the recording process but no matter what it never loses that heart and soul that it was built from in the first place and that may be the most important thing of it all.

This track is packed with persona and character which makes you feel a little bit more attached to it and this is one of the few songs that can actually cause memories or thoughts of your own to pop into your head pertaining to your own life when you listen to it.

That's something that is a little bit of a rarity these days as well so in a lot of ways this track was very refreshing, and that little hint of haunt does stay with you after the song is ended.

When it is over, you have to sort of snap yourself back into reality again and look around the room to reacclimate yourself.

This was a very graceful song in a lot of ways, and it was performed with a lot of heart and that all came through with flying colors from beginning to end.

Again, this is a rock song, but it's built with such a cinematic backbone that it's very easy to get sucked right into it and for that reason, I would suggest listening to this in headphones so you can really soak it in.

Really quite an awesome track and I would keep an eye out for Raging Sons.

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