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A Failure Tribute Release Hits The Mark

A new compilation release serving as a tribute to the band failure has just been released today and it features some outstanding bands renditioning songs that stood out to them and with each different track you have a new breath of life that's given with a different and unique approach.

The record is dubbed Stuck on You - a Tribute to Failure and the record starts off with a band called Seven Second Circle who performed the song "Blank" which is performed with a wonderfully open and vast soundscape that really draws you in and brings a lot of attention back to the lyrics.

This is followed by "Dirty Blue Balloons" performed by Henry's Child and this one comes through a bit more massive and hard-hitting with these drums that give the song an almost live performance feel smashing with a graceful aggressiveness that works really well and gives everything an almost grunge tonality.

The next track quote "Leo" is done by a band called Dead Storm Rising and has that really big soundscape and plays to the outstanding guitar work which really is performed with a lot of heart. As a matter of fact, this whole track is oozing with heart if you ask me.

Being able to put together a tribute to a band like Failure is certainly not an easy feat and this takes a real love for that music from each different band to be able to give back what they got originally from the band itself.

Perhaps a lot of them were inspired by a Failure or at least love them as I did growing up.

Either way, these guys are definitely putting their own feel into each song, and it works like a charm and speaks volumes for each individual band as well.

The following song is a track called "Daylight" which is performed by Mark Schuster and features Quizboy on the guitar.

The track boasts the classic slow build and bursts into a gigantic progressive single that features deep bass lines and guitars that are just dripping from the roof of the sonic presents of this single.

This one also taps into something quite special and you're able to sort of swim through this one and all the underlying haunt that comes with it.

Last but not least, we have Quizboy returning to the record once again to perform Stuck on You along with Mark Schuster on the drums and Billy Lowry on some of the vocals.

Just that pure guitar tone alone is enough to get you glued to this track and the way that all these guys come together to perform it really says something about how they were collectively as musicians themselves.


This was a very unique tribute to a very unique band and for those of us that know Failure, we're able to tell that this is an absolute love letter at the least and it's done just the way it should have been.

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