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A Face Melting Album From Hotflakes Has Arrived

A fresh album dropped from Hotflakes is absolutely brutal and beautiful at the same time with massive, distorted bass lines doubled up, tons of effects that make it outside the box and also manic at times, and a gigantic tonality that crawls under your skin and stays there for days.

The Calamity album is packed to the brim with sharpened fuzztone drudgery and destructive undertones that hit you like a blitzkrieg and it's exactly what you needed even if you didn't know it. And you didn't...but you do.

This record packs endless punches to the gut and leaves your face totally melted and splattered on the floor. This is the record from start to finish pretty much.

One of the heaviest and grueling records you'll hear this year, Calamity is fierce and fiery with melodies lurking beneath the surface and tons of untamed aggression sitting atop that gives it more than enough drive to crush your ear holes.

Clear the room, bang your head, start a pit. It's all beneficial to you and this record will create the energy needed to do it all.

This was completely overtaking and all engulfing. It can take your sanity and leave it in the dust and guess feels great.

Turn this up and get ready to rumble.

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