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A Driving And Experimental New Release From Justin John Scheck

The new album released from Justin John Scheck takes an array of sonic frequencies and textures and brings them together to create an emotionally driven masterpiece that breeds elements of a multitude of genres, and it's all done with a certain haunt and edginess to it that has a way of grabbing at you.

The Get In Line For Now album boasts a cinematic backbone and a vastness that lurks in the record's underbelly which calls out in its own unique way.

This is one of the most outside-the-box and progressive records I've heard in a very long time and it's with great pleasure to tell everyone about this because it's something that tells stories from deep in the gut and you can feel that in your own when you listen to it.

This record bleeds honesty and authenticity along with the ability to clash genres together and have tracks range everywhere from alternative pop to postpunk, gothic folk, alt-rock, and everything in between.

This is a very experimental piece of work, and it was created with such little boundaries and emotional walls put up that you become very attached to it very quickly.

There are more than a few layers that are meant to be peeled back throughout listening to this record and this is indeed an album that's supposed to be listened to from start to end to really get the full grasp of the premise.

These songs are almost like different chapters in a book and each one tells its own story and has its own different form of emotional Drive whether it be sadness, aggression, happiness, and more, there's always emotion behind everything that's happening and that's something that's very unique because it's not often that you get a record that provides music that displays that emotion even before the vocals come in.

There is enough going on in this record to swim through and it Bears such dark edges but also so much dreamy vastness that some of the sounds almost feel nostalgic deriving from classic industrial bands for example.

Other times the sounds become invasively cinematic and shrieking which is part of how that emotion is displayed for those moments.

This was a record that came through very gracefully but in a different way.

There will be those that can hear and understand that gracefulness and there will be those that cannot. This record is for the ones that can.

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