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A Danceable and Anthemic New Album From Reaven

A vast new album from Reaven takes an edgy alt-pop into an ambient and cinematic approach with gorgeous soundscapes and driving undertones that are made up of synth pads, guitars, and smooth melodic vocals that turn into anthemic and powerful choruses.

The For Tomorrow album is packed to the brim with lush feels and a full bodies style of songwriting that makes almost every song on this record a sure fire single.

The songs are emotionally charged and most reach into this epic set of hooks as guitars and keys blend together and together it all makes the hairs on your arms stand up straight.

This album has more vocal hooks than you might be able to handle, and some songs feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for the past few years as the production and heart is so crisp and clean.

There are songs that groove with funk lurking just beneath the surface, but everything has that edge, and everything has that feeling of being alive and breathing as songs go from a calming verse into a massive driving chorus.

Songs are danceable or they just make you feel or think.

You can hear the soul in these tracks coming from al players and the performances are tight and spot on.

The band feels like they have this undying energy and there are so many tracks on this album that you find yourself humming long after they've ended.

This release had some real deal swagger to it and came through with gusto and color along with the deepening and engulfing cinematic tones. A great combination really.

The guitar work is outstanding all over this record and it all makes you have a ant to see this band live.

But for now, have a dig into this album.

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