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A Colorful EP Release from Branjae

A fresh EP release from Branjae brings out any eclectic and colorful pop and R&B crossover that blends in elements of dance, disco, and more all rolled up into this one record that comes delivered with a massive and lush character which is one of the biggest things you end up latching on to right from the get-go.

The Intravibronic EP is bursting with a very particular vibrancy that gives off energy levels that become quickly infectious and the whole thing has beautiful layers of vocals throughout it creating vest undertones at times and even bringing on cinematic backbone for certain sections of the record.

What really hits the most about this record is the brilliant combination of the soulful vocal performances and the production approach because a lot of these songs have a particular way of building and they also bring all these different twists and turns in terms of synths that bring vintage and old school pop attributes to the table, and classic R&B as well that is always just packed with a robustness that you can't look away from.

You can clearly tell plenty of this record is inspired by R&B and pop from the '80s and early 90s which is a brilliant thing because it was some of the best times in my opinion for both of those genres however, she also spins in a very refreshing and current approach and blends those two elements together so you have an atmosphere that you can fall right into and that is a beautiful thing.

Branjae has a knack for giving this honesty in a lot of her lyrics and that at times can be the rawest part of the record, but it also is relatable and gives her that persona and character that you end up wanting more of at the end.

These songs are danceable, they're packed with charisma, and you can tell she's having a really good time just doing her thing with these gorgeous vocals that are harmonizing and feeling the ether of the songs at times when she uses her voice as an instrument itself.

I definitely adore the entire approach of this release and how her influences shine through in different parts of different songs because that also speaks volumes for her presence as an artist and how she's able to take those influences and give them a fresh spin.

All the tracks are gracefully and tastefully performed and there are certain vocal parts on the release that make you feel like she has been singing since she was a small child and was likely that child that harmonized with songs, she heard on the radio instead of singing the actual notes.

The combination of current and vintage sounds and approaches on the record give it an almost futuristic feel which is really cool, and this EP is one of the absolute best ways to get your introduction to the artist.

I say this because upon listening to the record I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog on Spotify and wow.

There's a slew of releases starting back in 2014 including full-length albums, singles, and even remix EP's.

Going through that catalog showed me her evolution as an artist from when she began to where she's at now and I love doing stuff like that when I find an artist I really love.

It is rare to find an artist or an EP that gives off such an in-depth level of production and storytelling, passion, heart, vibrancy, vigor, character, and color all rolled into one beautifully woven EP.

Definitely take a listen to this when you get a chance especially if you're any kind of a fan of pop music in general but especially, if you are a fan of classic pop and R&B.

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Really appreciate your insight and feedback on Branjaes project, colorful indeed 💕🛼🪩

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