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A Classic Rock Banger from Michelle Fabre

A new single and music video from Michelle Fabre brings out a bright and catchy classic pop-rock sound that comes along with plenty of charisma and excitable energy that you end up loving, all delivered with a refreshing but vintage rock approach that feels good to listen to and gives loads of presence.

"Rock Me With a Deeper Love" certainly comes through with that genuine classic rock aesthetic and everything that comes along with it including the charm, the swagger, and the attitude.

The music video that accompanies this track helps push the envelope and gives the song even more drive because it shows her character as an artist and how she's able to pull off being a frontwoman perfectly.

Everything from the guitar riffs to the tone of the instruments themselves hit this perfect aesthetic and really give hooks that stick with you for a very long time and the track itself just feels like something you've been listening to for years on the radio now.

The whole track has a perfect sort of attitude to it and the players that she has as a band have a youthful but a certain kind of class of musicianship and all of this comes together to put out a song that has a catchiness to it, a great rhythm, it's danceable, it's fun, and it's very memorable.

The very beginning of the video shows some of the band just sort of hanging out and getting ready to lay the track down and I'm not sure if this is an actual take of the recording itself but when you listen to the song it does feel like they recorded it live on the floor because there is a particular energy there.

The track boasts some great organs in the background which also helps push that sort of classic rock of static even more but the whole thing fits together perfectly and each element of the song from the vocals to the guitars, bass, drums, organs, and everything else have a perfect way of complimenting each other.

This had a bright and addictive approach, but it also had some edginess to it, and I think that's the combination that grabs me.

On top of all of that, like I said before, there's a certain charm that's delivered, and not just vocally but by everyone there because you can tell they're all having a great time doing their thing and it's a pure passion project for them.

I think we need more of this sort of genuine classic rock style with a youthful band that delivers it because that is also a combination that gives the song the ability to push that envelope exactly to where it needs to be.

I loved watching everyone rock out and the video shows not only how Michelle really does well on the forefront but also how the band comes together to give it their all as well.

The music video was very well edited, and it fits the song perfectly with all the bells and whistles that you can ask for and this is a step in a little bit of a new direction for Michelle as we've checked a bunch of her other stuff out already.

I love this direction because I feel like it's natural for her and she's really into it and you can tell she's having a ball just by listening to those vocals.

She gives things a liveliness and this excitable electric energy that works.

If you're someone that loves authentic feeling classic rock, then this is a track for you because they nailed that whole feel like it's second nature to them.

Of course, we've popped the music video below so you can check it out right now and I suggest you turn it nice and loud because it feels even better the louder it goes.

A killer classic rock banger from Michelle Fabre.

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