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A Catchy And Classic EP Release From Rem Shaw

A new EP release from Rm Shaw brings out a tasteful and in-depth style of storytelling and brings together several approaches of southern and classic rock, genuine folk, and more.

The End of The Ride EP is packed with real deal classic rock riffs and a slightly raspy vocal style but that also changes at times depending on the song. There is also cleaner smoother singing on the record when certain tracks come up.

The songs on this release sound like songs you've heard on the radio growing up and they have this comforting undertone because of that.

Think The Wallflowers meets Bryan Adams and throw in some Neil Young and classic Dylan in the mix, and you have this outstanding record from Rem Shaw.

Songs roc out, songs go acoustic folk, and they all have this feeling to them. The feeling like they were all a part of your youth. The soundtrack to different parts of your life.

This is because of that songwriting style and that performance.

The EP gives you a robust array of tones and textures that all feel like singalongs.

Well, some of them feel like singalongs simply because you find yourself doing just that especially with songs like "Asshole Alone" which really takes the cake.

Each song has something fresh to bring to the party though and this is a very well woven record from start to finish.

For anyone, and we mean anyone that has a soft spot for classic rock in all forms. this EP is certainly for you.

Check out Rem Shaw, and show it to your parents, because they just might love too.

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