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A Brutal New Single Release From Mind//Less

A new single release from Mind//Less hits a furious and brutal metal soundscape that's deepened and trudging with slamming riffs and guitar tones along with screeching and screaming that rumble the earth beneath your feet.

"Crisis" brings out such a hard-hitting and impactful variety of Sonic and augmented riffs that it blends classic east coast hardcore, with west coast metal, and it hits like a sucker punch to the gut in the best way possible.

They are more than enough halftime breakdowns to create a mosh pit almost anywhere but one of my favorite things about it is that they brought in Caught In A Mirror to be featured in the song as well and the combination between these two artists really freshened things up because it creates a chorus that's anthemic and melodic while all this brutal heaviness is happening at the same time.

Bringing these two elements together really changed the game and while they were able to keep that aggression in tow, there were layers to be peeled back throughout the course of this track.

Throughout this single you definitely get down-tuned guitars that pave the way for a rumbling and fierce sound and the deeper and heavier it gets, the more you get drawn in.

And this is what I mean by bringing that hardcore element in there because it's classic for hardcore music to break into halftime breakdowns that tend to get a little heavier than the last one and with this song it certainly does that.

During the course is there's something somewhat cinematic about it as well it gives it a certain sense of empowerment in a strange way.

Musically the band is super tight, and all the instruments are played with a certain drive behind them, so the performance is very impactful, and that energy is captured really well to the point where it makes you want to see them play live.

This is something you don't get very often but these guys pulled it off without a hitch.

You can also tell that everyone involved with this project has a clear love for their craft and a lot of people don't realize how difficult writing and recording metal can actually be because there are so many elements of intricacy and attention to detail involved.

When you hear a thriving metal track that does its job and is performed with great tightness and great energy, it's something that takes you by storm and this track does exactly that.

I certainly hope that this is the first of many releases from Mind//Less and this is one of those projects that you want to keep an eye on because I do have a feeling that there will be more to come before the end of the year.

In the meantime, if you love hardcore, metal, thrash, death metal, or even doom, this track is definitely for you.

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