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A Bright Rock Approach from Lennee

A new single release from Lennee gives off a near-perfect combination of bright and vivacious pop rock blended with a little bit of indie pop as well and it all creates a sort of vast undertone with a powerful vibe, and it comes with a lush and boisterous character that you end up getting attached to right from the get-go.

"Don't Give Up" comes through with such a positive and uplifting message that it should be spread to the masses as quickly as humanly possible because I feel like a lot of us need this message that tells us not to give up on ourselves.

We all have some areas of downtime or struggles that we go through, emotional drives and a lot of us don't know how to deal with it and sometimes we just need that little push to let us know it's going to be okay and not to give up.

This track accomplishes that and more with a blend of color and edginess that really lets this hit hard when it wants to but also keep to that vibrancy and that positivity.

One of my favorite aspects about this track aside from its amazing message of course, is that it's got this synth hook in it that really works so well with the song, and I dig this mostly because I miss musical hooks in songs.

There are always great choruses and vocal hooks of course as this song boasts but having that great musical hook within the chorus is something that makes it even bigger and it comes through more impactful.

So, some great aspects to this track make it addictive, fun, and danceable, and by the end, you were singing along with your hands in the air because it's infected you and now you just feel good.

In my opinion, we need more music like this in the world. Music that spreads messages that let us know things will be okay, not to give up, and do so with such honesty and character that you want to turn it loud and be a part of it.

This track speaks volumes for Lennee, especially in terms of performance because a song like this was such a robust message that has to be performed right for it to come through the way it was meant to and the performance of the song hints at what a live performance energy would be so you have this amazing energy and it delivers such an honest and impactful aesthetic that you almost never want the song to end.

There's a lot to love about this track and its straightforwardness is something that lets it hit all the sweet spots.

This track showed charisma and an absolute love for the craft which is something artists should aspire to.

Check the song and as soon as you can and if I were you I would do it first thing in the morning because it really sets the tone for the day.

Don't be afraid to turn it up and remember where you heard it first.

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