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A Bright And Catchy Album From Half Hour Late

Half Hour Late has a new record that's got more chill than you do.

The album is a very cool breed of jam, pop, reggae rock, and a few more styles that these guys manage to bring into full effect with horns, guitars, and a surf feel that lays atop all of it.

The record is called Busy Chillin and this band certainly has that approach to the music as it's all so bright and charismatic.

The band is a tight knit group of friends that really take their vibe seriously. Good thing their vibe is so freeing, clean, and colorful.

The guitars on the album are all just spectacular. As is the drumming and bass. Not all the songs have horns in them but the ones that do really pop.

The funny thing is, if you check the band out a little more in depth, you can see they aren't chillin at all. They're out there performing and laying down the groundwork for themselves as a group.

They mention that their live performances are a big part of the band and there are videos you can watch of Half Hour late really grabbing the crowd.

The Busy Chillin record is such a wonderful statement and such a great sound that you're jealous of the coolness level these guys bring.

The music is fun and once you get hooked, you want more.

We highly suggest this album is you love music that makes you feel good. Music that makes you bop and want to dance. Great guitars and smooth melodic vocals.

They just have the right attitude, and it works. They are charming.

So come get charmed with Half Hour Late.

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