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A Beautifully Textural Album From Dillard

A brand-new album release from Dillard brings out a refreshing array of textures that bounce off each other and mend to each other to create atmospheres you can truly get washed away with and soundscapes you can swim through.

The Garden Mother album is packed to the brim with inventive and natural feeling percussion that blends both digital and natural instrumentation together and is able to create worlds that you can sort of step in and out of at your free will.

This record has a vastness to it and with each track you get tastes and flavors of different aspects from the songwriting and production that each have a way of connecting with each other in a strange form.

Sounds drip and pop while instruments strum, pluck, and synths fill the ether, and it all comes through as an avant-guard and outside-the-box laid-back feel.

One of the best parts about this release is that it's this massive form of escapism and lets you get whisked away to these different places and as this happens, you can vividly see these images in your head that the sounds create.

Throughout it all you get these great rhythms and grooves and a lot of them make you want to move and dance but some of them have this cinematic backbone to them and so instead of moving or dancing, you just sort of soak it all in.

This aspect of the album is incredibly fun because when you're done listening to it you sort of have to snap yourself back to reality again which is not something you get from an album all the time.

There was a lot of attention to detail and the intricacies of the sounds and tones on this release all have this massive heart to them which makes everything more lovable.

This is the kind of production a musicianship that you have to have a pure love for your craft to be able to create.

It sounds like this was endlessly fun to make but then, that's just listening to it of course.

The record shows diversity and this warmth that hints towards rustic and natural elements that swirl around you and let you just get engulfed by everything. Which feels great by the way.

This was definitely something different and special meant for you to close your eyes and see what kind of imagery pops up in your head as you listen through.

This was absolutely an album to listen to from beginning to end and it's best done with headphones if you ask me.

Take a deep dive into this one when you can.

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